Supera Yahoo a Google en calificación de los usuarios

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Por primera vez los usuarios le dieron una mejor puntuación a los servicios de Yahoo! que a los de Google, según el índice de Satisfacción de los Usuarios Americanos de la Universidad de Michigan.

Según The Acsi, Yahoo! ha visto crecer la satisfacción de sus usuarios un 3.9 por ciento en el último año, alcanzando los 79 puntos sobre 100. En tanto, la puntuación de Google cayó 3.7 por ciento, a los 78 puntos. Mientras Google continúa dominando los buscadores en Internet, la presencia de Yahoo está ganando la aprobación de los usuarios.

La info la tomé de La Jornada, pero el texto completo del reporte aquí va:

Portals and Search Engines: Comeback by Yahoo; Google Slips

For each of the major industries this quarter, one of the customer satisfaction leaders stumbles: Apple among PCs, Toyota among automobiles and Google in e-business. Google falls by 4% from a year ago to a score of 78. Its year-to-date stock returns have been about market average - a far cry from the explosive growth after going public in 2004. Google also missed its most recent earnings forecast. For a company that has introduced so many new products and made so many changes, it may be surprising that its homepage has changed so little. It is almost the same as it was in the 1990s. Some users say it looks stale compared to, which has a very different display of search results. Visual presentation may well be a factor behind the falling Google scores, as some users compare the look of Google to's ACSI score increased more than any other search engine. It is up by 6% to a score of 75, still well behind Google.

Yahoo! has also improved. It has always had more users than Google and now it leads in customer satisfaction as well. Yahoo! has been there before. As its customer satisfaction rose to a high of 80 in 2005, Yahoo! did well financially. With falling customer satisfaction in 2006, Yahoo! also saw stock price and profits falling sharply. The company has also suffered from recent well-publicized management and business strategy issues. But this year's improvement in ACSI restores almost all of the 2006 loss in customer satisfaction. Yahoo! has more unique visitors than any other website. Many design changes and enhancements have been made, all with the goal of improving user experience, yet these kinds of improvements take time for a large base of users to learn and adapt. The initial risk in redesigning major pieces of the Yahoo! user experience appears now to be paying off in higher customer satisfaction which will be critical to turning around this year's lackluster financials. Yahoo! still lags Google in terms of revenue-per-search and has a long way to go, but it seems that the new Panama product, which attempts to match search ads with user preferences, may be a step in the right direction.

AOL suffers the largest plunge in customer satisfaction this quarter, down 10% to the lowest score in the industry (67). Once a subscriber-based Internet access service as well as a portal, AOL now offers many of its services without charge, including software and email accounts, services that used to be exclusive to subscribers. The transition has not always gone smoothly, particularly for paying customers who want to migrate to the free services, prompting complaints and some bad press suggesting that AOL's customer service has been making it too difficult for customers to cancel their subscriptions.

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