Un buen quote a propósito de las multimedia skills

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According to a BBC video journalist the main problem with having to operate the camera as well as do the reporting is that it requires very good planning and much better organization in advance. More specifically a video journalist needs to contact all the people that are going to be interviewed beforehand and have a short conversation with them. The questions also need to be prepared before moving from the newsroom so that the video journalist can fully concentrate on the technical side of the report during the interviews. This is creating limitations with regard to the ability to respond during the interview and the time that is left to reflect on what has been said...

At the time, it seemed, the majority of journalists were not sufficiently prepared, or suited, to perform multiple tasks and maintain an acceptable level of quality in their output. The BBC’s policy was therefore to encourage multiskilling but not to make it mandatory. This seems likely, at least in the medium term, to create a workforce comprising two types of journalist: the “single
skilled” specialists, valued for their high journalistic standards, and the multiskilled, valued for their versatility and adaptability.

Taken from: Inside the changing newsroom: journalists’ responses to media convergence

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